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Artist bio

Liesl Petersen resides in Squamish, British Columbia, where surroundings never cease to supply inspiration for her works of fine art and extensive mural portfolio. Petersen’s attention is divided between large-scale representation of recognizable geographic locales throughout the Sea-to-Sky region and a quieter, poetic studio practice of tightly composed paintings in acrylic, ink, and watercolour. Her presence in Squamish proper is undeniable.

Cutting her teeth as a painting contractor in 1997, Petersen has since extended her technical abilities beyond the precision demanded of construction painting towards an investment in her creative capacity as a muralist. Often using crude tools for geometric mapping and, ultimately, free-handing large scale shapes with gestures led only by intuition, the artist’s process is as entertaining to watch as the finished product is to behold. Petersen’s generous process often invites the participation of enthusiastic spectators, allowing the opportunity for people of any demographic, experience, and ability to experience art firsthand. Petersen finds fulfillment in working closely with people to translate their creative ideas into tangible results. Client collaboration is encouraged and facilitated if desired. Petersen’s evolution as an artist, now deftly bridging interior and exterior murals on a multitude of surfaces, has allowed her to explore her graphic art abilities, facilitating enormous multi-story murals and—the first of its kind in Western Canada—aerial rooftop art.

The Creative Works of Liesl Petersen


From 4 story Apartment buildings to VW hippie vans, browse a collection of prominent original freehand mural works by Liesl.

Digital Media & Logos

Dabbles in the world of Adobe Illustrator allows artwork to be made digital for logos, websites, publications and prints. Image licensing and commissions also available.

Other Art

Pencil and Ink, Watercolor crayon, and small scale paintings.


“See it to believe it. Browse some video and timelapse documentation of my past works.”


Liesl Petersen
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Squamish BC

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